About the Founder

Viktoria Saxby is a Communications & Gender Expert specializing in gender equality, masculinities, foreign affairs & human rights.

She has 25 yrs experience in working with gender & human rights, and has for the past 15 yrs created global campaigns and exhibits for multilateral organizations.

She also works as a consultant on gender equality and masculinities and conducts leadership trainings, for, amongst others, the Swedish Police Dept, the Swedish Military University and the Swedish Armed Forces - but also for the Private Sector, in a wide variety of industries - from law offices to finance, from forestry to film, from advertising and branding firms to tech companies. 

For 7 yrs she worked as a Political Advisor in Gender Equality (and Foreign Affairs) for a parliamentary party in Sweden. 


In 2019 she became a think tanker for Ownershift, a politically independent think tank with the purpose of shifting societal power structures through ownership. The long term goal is to diversify ownership overall, starting off with increasing the percentage of female ownership in Sweden, to then expanding the diversified ownershift globally. 


Her photography exhibit The World´s Most Influential Men on engaging men and boys for gender equality has shown at the UN with UNFPA, UNDP, Unicef, UN Women and UNiTE, as well as at The World Bank, UK Aid, The EU Development Days, SIDA, GTZ, Plan International and Save the Children. She has also created campaigns for Michael Kimmel´s International Conference on Masculinities in NYC, The MenEngage Global Symposium in Rio de Janeiro, and the global Men-Care Campaign - currently in 50+ nations on 5 continents.


Viktoria runs training sessions and workshops on politics, communications, gender equality, masculinities, and lobbying for politicians from various corners of the world - from DR Congo, Mali, Jordan, Burma, Palestine & Eastern Europe to Swedish governmental departments, agencies and companies. She has taken part in starting up the leadership program Gender Coach Program, in several nations. She has also spoken at The Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations with Liberals International & UN Watch.

From her experience as a Political Advisor, she has advised and co-created political election campaigns for national & European Parliament elections, served as Editor in Chief for a Political magazine (nominated for The Swedish Design Prize), and has authored over 400+ published newspaper articles.

In 2019, she created the exhibit Porrens sanna ansikte about the damaging consequences of the porn industry and porn culture for the organizations Talita and Reality-Check. She also wrote a national 5-year program for getting more women into politics for the 2023-election for UN Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And gave out the book Den Nya Mannen: om pojkar, män och slutet på könskampen on Bookmark Förlag.

Viktoria is a 
Summa Cum Laude graduate of UCLA, in International Development Studies. She has worked with Research, at UCLA (The University of California Los Angeles), for 5 years - primarily in field work with Los Angeles gangs. She has also traveled to HIV/Aids programs in Malawi with Doctors Without Borders, and worked for various human rights organizations, many involving women´s and children´s rights, including working for the abolishment of prostitution and human trafficking.


A Swedish and US citizen, she currently resides in Stockholm, and has also lived in the US, in Los Angeles, CA for 16 years, and has worked in and with DR Congo, Mali, Ukraine, Serbia, Malawi, Indonesia, Ukraine, the UK and the US amongst other places. She speaks Swedish, English, Spanish & French. 

She has two children, a boy and a girl, for whom she of course wishes the same opportunities and possibilities in life. As for all human beings. Her favorite song is Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”, and favorite movie, Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The intention behind her work is, coincidentally, for more people on this planet to be able to have just that - a wonderful life in a wonderful world.


In March 2019, her book The New Man: On Boys, Men & The End of the Battle of the Sexes was released on Pagina and then Bookmarks Publishing.


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