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Viktoria opened our eyes and initiated a change process that has meant that we today have a structured method for our gender equality and diversity work that we are very proud of.

In addition, Viktoria is still the absolute best lecturer we've had with us.

Emil Sallnäs, CEO Viva Wine Group

Försvarsmakten - Matilda Lidström Dougnac_edited.jpg

If you are up for the challenge of getting things done, and not just talking - contact Viktoria.

Matilda Lidström Dougnac, 
Diversity Strategist, Swedish Armed Forces

International Conference on Masculinities - Michael Kimmel_edited_edited.jpg

I first became aware of Viktoria's amazing work by watching a slide show she had put together to engage men in support of gender equality.

I was so impressed with its creativity, its flair, and its technical competence that I asked to use it as the opening slide show for an international conference held in New York City. She combines technical acuity, political clarity, and a brilliant visual sense. I can't wait to work with her again!

Michael Kimmel, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities at Stony Brook University, US

Vida Skog - Erik_Stråhle, Regional Manag

We were very happy with Viktoria's performance and engagement! Our participants gave her the highest score!

Many noted that Viktoria was incredibly knowledgeable on the forest industry's current issues and gave us many valuable insights and recommendations for our future work.

Erik Stråhle, Area Manager,
Vida Skog AB

Delphi Advokatfirma - Camilla Samuelsson. Head of HR.jpg

As an HR manager, I've worked with a wide variety of large companies that are pushing the D&I issue strongly - Viktoria's lecture and training on the topic are the best I have ever heard.

Camilla Samuelsson, Interim HR Manager, Delphi Law Firm


Thank you for the book The New Man: About Boys, Men & the End of the Battle of the Sexes. I have started reading it and look forward to reflecting on what you write. What you touch upon is a highly relevant topic and will remain so in the future.

Micael Bydén, Commander-in-chief, Swedish Armed Forces

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To Madame Viktoria Saxby,

With my compliments and sincere thanks for your commitment, engagement, and participation in the advancement of women and women's political participation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Marie-Ange Lukiana Mufwankolo, Minister, National Assembly, Democratic Republic of Congo

Eva Carin Svensson, Senior VP, Global Head of HR, Nederman Group_edited.jpg

Thank you for a great day!
The workshop engaged the entire senior management team and was a great start.

I will now review your feedback on the policies and internal training. We would like to see a continuation of the cooperation. Thank you once again!

Eva-Carin Svensson, Senior VP, Global HR Manager, Nederman Group

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