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Workshops & Coaching

HopeComms offers tailor-made workshops for each target group.


– A strategic planning workshop for the leadership team will have you walk away with a concrete and practical Action Plan for your DEIB work.


– A workshop for all team members on inclusive organizational cultures will help you create a work environment where everyone thrives.

– We also offer coaching & advising for your specific needs, such as inclusive leadership, inclusive communications, or inclusive organizational development


As we are firm believers that we learn better when we´re feeling safe and having fun, we make sure our workshops are interactive, inclusive, and yes - fun!

Leadership Teams Workshops

In leadership workshops, HopeComms will guide the leadership team in the strategic planning of the company's/organization's DEIB work.
The outcome will be a concrete Action Plan, with clear goals (incl. metrics & indicators), a mission, a vision, a specified budget. and internal and external communication plans. 

Workshops for
all co-workers

Inclusive organizational cultures are good for everyone. It is not just a tired cliché - but a simple and logical reality.

In environments where people feel free to be themselves more fully - feel valued, respected, seen, and safe to contribute at their highest potential - everyone will be more engaged and everyone wins. 

Diversity is not enough - inclusion and belonging are key. 

Management Workshops

In this workshop, managers and team leaders will learn practical tools for creating inclusive organizations where both managers and co-workers thrive. 

Together, we discuss challenges, set goals, and make practical plans for how to get where we want to be. This workshop will make managers'/team leaders' work-life easier - and benefit the whole organization.

Workshops/Coaching for Specific Teams/Key positions

HopeComms and Viktoria Saxby also offer tailor-made workshops for specific teams wanting to focus on specified topics, as well as individual coaching for key positions. 

Examples include workshops on:

  • Inclusive communications for Communications & Marketing Depts;

  • Inclusive recruitment and succession planning for HR/Talent Depts;

  • Inclusive budgeting for Financial Depts.

Inclusion is win/win. This is why;

Shondaland, Shonda Rhimes, Executive Producer.png

The success of my blockbuster series Bridgerton has proved the economic sense of prioritizing diversity on screen.
The cast has been lau
ded for its inclusion, with color-conscious casting rather than color-blind. 82 million people watched the series in the first month.

– Shonda Rhimes, Executive Producer, Shondaland


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