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International Organizations

The reason behind the name HopeComms is that gender equality, diversity, and inclusion are nothing less than magic pills that make economies grow and develop, and for democracy, sustainability, and peace to be the lay of the land. 


This is also why HopeComms provides services for the Development and Cooperation Sector.

Clients include:

  • Multilateral Organizations; such as the UN (UNFPA, UNDP, UNW, UNICEF, UNiTE)

  • The World Bank

  • Governments, Public Policy, Politics, Service Delivery (Ukraine, DRC, Mali, Eastern Europe, Myanmar, Armenia, EU)

  • Embassies & Consulates (Israel/Palestine, Liberia, Washington DC, DRC, Turkey) 

  • Ministries (Jordan, Serbia) 

  • Bilateral Development (Sida, UK Aid, GIZ)

  • NGOs & CSOs (Save the Children, Plan International, Doctors without Borders, ICRW, Talita, Equimundo, Men-Care,) .

We would love to collaborate also with you in the global gender, diversity and inclusion work - get in touch!  


Kapitel 1 Foto Viktoria Saxby

Viktoria was one of the first persons to bring a positive approach to engaging men and boys in gender equality. 

In partnership with Promundo, she organized creative and impactful photo and information exhibits at numerous high-level events at the World Bank, UNFPA, UNICEF, and other international events related to gender equality – exhibits that always brought tremendous added value. 

She has expertise in creating visionary material that is solution-oriented rather than problem-focused and thinks outside the box, always presenting new ideas for communication that increase the target group’s willingness to take in new information.

I recommend her highly and without reservations.

Gary Barker, PhD, CEO of Equimundo (Promundo)
Co-initiator of the global campaign 

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Development and Cooperation Sector

Viktoria Saxby is a level 1 Expert in Gender and Intersectional Development for Sida, the Swedish International Development & Cooperation Agency, in the following areas: Inclusive Peacebuilding (Women, Peace & Security, Gender, Peace & Security), Sexual/Gender-based Violence (S/GBV), Social norms and Masculinities, Women's Political Participation (WPP), Gender Mainstreaming, Protection Against Sexual Exploitation, Abuse & Harassment (PSEAH), Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE), and LGBTQIA+ rights. 

She also works with Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA), the Swedish Foreign Ministry, The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), as well as for UK Aid/DFID. and GIZ.

She has conducted Expert missions in the following regions: Africa (DR Congo, Mali, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Liberia), MENA-region (Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco), Asia, (Myanmar, Armenia) South America (Brazil) & Eastern/SouthEast Europe (Ukraine, Serbia) etc. 

Multilateral Organizations 

Viktoria Saxby has worked with many of the multilateral organizations on projects and social advocacy campaigns for engaging men and boys for gender equality. 
Her first global exhibit "The World's Most Influential Men"
 which later turned into the global campaign has been shown at The World Bank in Washington DC, The UN (UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP, UNiTE) in NYC (as well as the first International Conference on Masculinities (NYC), the first Global Symposium for MenEngage in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as well as at the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, at the launch of the first "State of the World's Fathers" report.

The campaign is presently active in 50+ countries, including also national/local versions. 

She has also served as a Board member for UN Women Sweden chapter, and spoken at the United Nation's Commission of the Status of Women for UN Watch on the topics of the globalization of the Istanbul Convention against Gender-based violence, as well as the Swedish Sex Buyer's Law.

Map in Grass
Ballot for Elections

Political Policy and Diplomacy

Viktoria has also worked directly for UN Women in DR Congo, conducting research studies for innovative strategic entry points for Women's Political Participation, both national and regional and both prior to and after the election. She has also started up a Gender Champion Program for the highest leadership of the largest political parties.

For the Folke Bernadotte Academy, Viktoria partook in the work of Inclusive Peacebuilding and the Program for the Strategic Advancement of Women in Palestine, in collaboration with the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NSI, the Negotiation Strategies Institute, a Harvard Negotiation Project (Israel/Palestine). 

She has also trained young politicians from Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin, Georgia, Albania, Moldavia, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, Slovakia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Hungary, and Myanmar.  

Also, Viktoria worked as a Political Advisor for a Swedish Parliamentary Party for 7 years, where she wrote political motions both nationally and internationally, including for The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (the ALDE Group within the EU), and LI Liberal International (LI), the world federation of liberal and progressive democratic political parties on issues concerning gender equality, equal opportunities, and human rights. 

NGOs and CSOs

Viktoria has a long history of working with and for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), Non-profit organizations (NGOs), and International Non-Profits (INGOs).

Examples span from early days volunteering for the first anti-trafficking organization in the US (Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking, CAST), women's shelters and activities for homeless children in LA County, and serving meals to homeless adults with HIV/Aids.

Professionally, Viktoria has created exhibits for Plan International (exhibit for the first Day of the Girl Child, on engaging men and boys for gender equality), Save the Children (exhibit for their 90th anniversary). 


She has traveled to Malawi with Doctors Without Borders (Médicins Sans Frontieres) to report on the HIV/Aids crisis for a global exhibit and policy discussion on children's rights (The World Bank and The House of Sweden, Washington DC.)


While in Politics, she was part of the working group with Sweden's Women's organizations in creating the campaign #lönheladagen (for equal pay), as well as for the Sex Buyer's Law 2.0, and other campaigns such as Unizon's work against Violence Against Women, in collaboration with the Swedish Police (Operation Gryning.). 

She has also created a physical exhibit, a digital exhibit, and a communication campaign for training materials for schools on the harmful effects of pornography for the organizations and




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