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International Cooperation 

HopeComms offers expertise consultancy in human rights, gender equality, and intersectional development work globally. Viktoria Saxby is a level 1 expert in gender equality and intersectional development with clients such as Sida, the UN, the World Bank, and the EU.


Viktoria Saxby conducts studies, analyses, and surveys, writes reports, creates social advocacy exhibits & educational campaigns, develops training materials and handbooks, and holds Training of Trainers.

Areas of expertise include peace and security, political participation, masculinities and social norms, sexual/gender-based violence, LGBTQIA+, and economic development.

Viktoria Saxby has a degree in International Development Studies from UCLA, the University of California Los Angeles, Summa Cum Laude, and has 30 years of experience in over 50 countries.


Viktoria was one of the first persons to bring a positive approach to engaging men and boys in gender equality. 

In partnership with Promundo, she organized creative and impactful photo and information exhibits at numerous high-level events at the World Bank, UNFPA, UNICEF, and other international events related to gender equality – exhibits that always brought tremendous added value. 

She has expertise in creating visionary material that is solution-oriented rather than problem-focused and thinks outside the box, always presenting new ideas for communication that increase the target group’s willingness to take in new information.
I recommend her highly and without reservations.

Gary Barker, PhD, CEO of Equimundo (Promundo)
Co-initiator of the global campaign 

Examples of assignments: 
Studies, Reports, Handbooks, Training,
Exhibits, Campaigns:

Inclusion is win/win. This is why;

Melinda Gates, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Diversity in tech is critical - we should all be contributing to where the future is going.

– Melinda Gates, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Viktoria Saxby, UCLA Graduate Summa Cum Laude, International Development and Cooperation Studies

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