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Hi, I'm Viktoria Saxby

Thank you for visiting this website  - that means you're seeking a partner to work on Inclusion & Diversity for your company or organization.  

You've come to the right place.


Below you can read more about my 30 years of experience on the subject matter. Research shows successful I&D work is a win/win for all.


As this work is both my profession and my calling, I'd love to learn more about you and your goals - and help you reach them.

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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Bio & Background

Why do I love working with inclusion & diversity? Because it's all about making people, groups, organizations, individuals - and places - thrive. When it comes to gender equality, it should be a given that a world where all humans get to participate with their full potential, skills, and talents is ultimately a better one for everyone.


What I know for sure is that a more representative and inclusive world ultimately is a win/win for all. 


My life's motto is It always seems impossible - until it´s done. 


I´m a Swedish and US citizen, raised in Sweden, and lived 16 years in Los Angeles. I've also lived in Madrid and London, and have worked in most corners of the world. After getting my degree in International Development Studies, Summa Cum Laude from the University of California Los Angeles I've worked with a wide variety of sectors and target groups that have given me a broad picture of what inclusion strategies work.

By now, I've worked with business leaders from pretty much all sectors and industries and ha
ve experience working with 100+ clients and trained 10000+ personsfrom the Private, Public, and International sectors. I´ve also worked with everything from gang members in Los Angeles to advising  Politicians and CEOs, to coaching the highest leadership of the Armed Forces and Police Departments.


I am the author of the book The New Man: About Boys, Men & the End of the Battle of the Sexes (2019), and co-author of anthologies on Inclusive Futures (2020, 2022).


For more in-depth information about my background, please find my CV here. 


Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I'd love to hear from you!

Mission & Vision

My Mission

To help more companies, organizations & individuals see why inclusion is the magic pill that is good for everyone - and guide them in how to succeed in their inclusion work.

Why exactly is DEIB work so important? Because inclusion truly does benefit everyone.

Whether it's creating a work environment where everyone feels heard, seen, safe, and valued and can perform and contribute at their best. Whether it´s increasing the innovative edge of companies that can produce innovations that benefit us all. Or, whether it´s about appealing to a greater client base,  market shares, and investors.

Inclusion is also about equity and justice, and a prerequisite to adhering to legislation, reaching the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and succeeding in ESG (Economic, Social, Governance) goals.

And don´t forget - inclusion is not an add-on or a side project - it is always directly linked to your core operations. It simply makes you better at what you already do

This is why inclusion work isn't a nice-to-have, but very much a must-have. We don´t do this work  "when all the important things are done" - we do this first so that all the important things will get done. 

HopeComms believes in making the journey enjoyable because we learn better when we're having fun. After all, everyone wins.​ What is not to like? 


When you choose to do this work and work with us to reach your goals  - you will see it too!


HopeComms is proud to present the super-talented partners with whom we collaborate:

Ownershift Reports

Think Tank

Free training materials for schools (SexEd, Consent, Effects pornography)


Inclusion Academy: Viktoria Saxby is part of the DEIB-network Inclusion Academy, led by Frida Sandegård & Anna Adeniji, with 19 Inclusion consultants with a variety of specialized expertise, including anti-racism, LGBTQIA+, disabilities, inclusive leadership etc .
Anna Adeniji's areas of expertise include anti-racism, minority stress & active measures. 
Frida Sandegård´s areas of expertise include human rights, accessibility & LGBTQIA+. 

Business as Equals: For leadership workshops and DEIB work for the private sector, we often partner with Business as Equals and Urban Björn. We have also worked together with gender equality training for male business leaders and DEIB for Lundsbergs Skola.

Mina Billing: is HopeComms' Inclusive Communication and Business Development Guru. Mina is also a long-term advocate for human rights, often as a spokesperson and expert on the women's rights movement in Iran. 

Talita/Reality-Check: For assignments relating to issues such as consent, sexual harassment, pornography, grooming, masculinity norms, violence prevention, mental health, PSEAH, etc. - for workplaces or young people/schools, HopeComms often highlights educational material by Talita/Reality-Check/Ambassador Daniel Israeli.

Ownershift: Viktoria Saxby is part of Ownershift, a think tank enabling women's financial autonomy through a measurable increase in ownership within a lifetime. Ownershift is an active player in driving opinion change through research and facts and offers training. Did you know that Sweden has less women entrepreneurs than most of Europe? Or, that less than 1% of the venture capital in Sweden goes to women's businesses? One collaborator is the bank SEB: "We believe that a more equal distribution of means between men and women would benefit society and its progression as a whole".

Nordic Consulting Group: Viktoria Saxby is part of the Development Consulting Group NCG Sweden - with local intersectional gender and development consultants from all corners of the world. NCG is also the consultancy agency for Sida's Gender Help Desk, where Viktoria is listed as a level 1 Gender expert in Women's Political Participation (WPP), Gender, Peace & Security (GPS), Sexual/Gender-based Violence (S/GBV), Social norms and masculinities, LGBTQIA+ rights, and Gender & Intersectional mainstreaming.  

Media hub

Media Hub


Viktoria Saxby, Gender, DEIB and Development Cooperation Consultant

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