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I don't believe in one-size-fits-all. This is why I always creates tailor-made measures for YOUR organization, sector, target group - and specific goals. 

Whether an inspirational lecture, a leadership team workshop, or in-depth coaching to get your inclusion work to the next level - I help my clients get to where they want to be.

I also work with human rights, gender equality, institution building, policy, and development globally.

Our Services


Lectures & Training

The path to success:

Viktoria's talks & training sessions are interactive, inclusive, engaging - and, yes, fun!

You will walk away with both more knowledge and practical and concrete tools that you can start implementing the very same day.  

Include is a verb
- we succeed by doing.

You'll get the hows and tools
to succeed!


Workshops & Coaching

Expert guidance:

Viktoria's workshops and coaching sessions are always tailor-made for the target group.

Leadership: You walk away with a Strategic Action Plan. 

Management: You get tools for inclusive organizational cultures.

Teams: Understanding why inclusion, belonging, & psychological safety benefit everyone & how to get there.


International Development

One size does not fit all:

Viktoria Saxby offers expertise and advice in human rights, gender equality, institution building, policy, and intersectional development work.

Areas of expertise include peace and security, political participation, masculinities and social norms, sexual/gender-based violence, LGBTQIA+, and economic development. 

From analysis to recommendations to implementation.

First steps to success

Our experience shows that these 3 steps will help you achieve your inclusion goals:

Let's start - introduction

Step 1 + leadership workshop

Step 1 + 2 + advising


Review av current DEIB work & organizational status followed by an inspirational introductory training for the entire organization.

We always have to start somewhere!


Training for the entire organization + leadership workshop & action plan.

Step 1 is followed by a workshop for the leadership resulting in a concrete DEIB action plan.

Change is constant, let's go in the right direction!


Steps 1 and 2 + in-depth review of the organization, internal policies, surveys, communication, branding, and how diversity is linked to external core operations.

Personalized recommendations moving forward, including clear steps, tools, and checklists for successful implementation. 

Inclusion is a verb!


As an HR manager, I've worked with a wide variety of large companies that are pushing the D&I issue strongly - Viktoria's lecture and training on the topic are the best I have ever heard.

Camilla Samuelsson, Interim HR Manager, Delphi Law Firm

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