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We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. This is why HopeComms always creates tailor-made measures for YOUR organization, sector, target group - and specific goals. 

Whether an inspirational lecture, a leadership team workshop, or in-depth coaching to get your inclusion work to the next level - we help our clients get to where they want to be.

HopeComms also works with human rights, gender equality, and development globally.

Our Services


Lectures & Training

The path to success:

Our lectures & training are interactive, inclusive, engaging - and, yes, fun!

With us, you will walk away with both more knowledge and practical and concrete tools that you can start implementing the very same day.  

Include is a verb - we succeed by doing. You'll get the hows & tools to succeed!


Workshops & Coaching

Expert guidance:

Our workshops and coaching sessions are always tailor-made for the target group.

Leadership: You walk away with a Strategic Action Plan. 

Management: You get tools for inclusive organizational cultures.

Teams: Understanding why inclusion, belonging, & psychological safety benefit everyone & how to get there.


International Development

One size does not fit all:

HopeComms offers expertise support in human rights, gender equality, DEIB, and intersectional development work globally.

Areas of expertise include peace & security, political participation, masculinities and social norms, sexual/gender-based violence, LGBTQIA+, economic development. 

From analysis, to recommendations, to implementation.

Why book HopeComms?

Why choose us?

What are you guaranteed?

  1. Practical tools & concrete steps 

  2. Research-based knowledge

  3. Real-life cases & best practices

  4. Awareness of wins for all 

  5. Safe space

  6. Inspiration & engagement 

  7. Recognition, self-identification
    = i
    ncreased psychological safety

  8. Increased understanding others = team building

  9. Not just talk = real, systemic & lasting change

  10. Interactivity, quizzes & films = enjoyable process!

Languages we speak?

  1. English

  2. Swedish

  3. Spanish

  4. French

  1. Tailor-made training/consulting for YOUR organization, industry, needs & goals.

  2. Interactive training where we make sure we have fun & feel safe = learn better.

  3. Knowledgeable in both Swedish and International DEIB practices.


As an HR manager, I've worked with a wide variety of large companies that are pushing the D&I issue strongly - Viktoria's lecture and training on the topic are the best I have ever heard.

Camilla Samuelsson, Interim HR Manager, Delphi Law Firm

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