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Private Sector 

HopeComms works with both Swedish and international businesses, from global, listed companies operating on all continents, to large- and medium-sized businesses, to innovation hubs, and start-ups.

We have experience from a wide variety of industries: 

  • Finance, Banking, Law offices,

  • IT & Tech,

  • Industry, Forestry,

  • Media, Film, TV, Advertising, and Branding

  • Electronic consumer goods, Personal-care products, Food, Wine, Import

  • Life Sciences, MedTech, Pharma, Health

We'd be happy to also work with you/your company - looking forward to being in touch!


Natasha Bellroth, Piloxing_edited.jpg

Thank you, Viktoria for an amazing workshop!

We appreciated the industry-specific research, statistics, and tailor-made recommendations.


We look forward to taking part in strengthening DEIB within the fitness- and health sector, including empowering diverse communities through fitness and health. Thank you so much.

Natasha Bellroth, VP Business Development & Strategy at Piloxing Academy, LLC/ General Counsel

Stock Charts in the Newspaper

Finance | Banking | Law

All businesses are in the business of making money and being profitable. Not least finance and banking.

As every statistic on the planet clearly shows that DEIB increases innovation and profitability, this work should be at the center of the industry. So far, it is not.

However, the wisest companies know better and put in the work needed to be successful at DEIB - to attract and retain the best talent, and to reach all market segments, customers, partners - and investors.

As to Law offices - HopeComms is proud to have worked with several law firms, two of which have won prizes for their gender equality and DEIB work!

Tech | AI | ITC | Innovation
| Life Sciences

Diversity is the engine of invention and innovation. It generates creativity that enriches the world, as Justin Trudeau puts it. We couldn´t agree more, as does every single study on the subject.


Just as Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging will bring your company increased profits, they are also the cornerstones of increased innovation. 


In today's rapid pace of development, new technologies, Internet of Things, AI, and Life Sciences innovations - you want to make sure you secure your most valuable assets - your talent and a workplace where diversity, inclusivity, a sense of belonging, and psychological safety is the norm. 


We would love to help you make sure this is the case for your co-workers and your organization. 

Computer Programming

Industry | Forestry  
| Consumer Goods

DEIB is central for all organizations and all sectors - but the challenges of how to succeed may vary between sectors.

For some sectors, such as industry and forestry, DEIB challenges may involve attracting new groups of talent into the industry - and making sure they thrive once they join. 


HopeComms can help you find new and innovative entry points in reaching new groups - and help the organization welcome them in the best of ways. 

For other sectors, such as consumer goods, DEIB challenges may include ensuring that products fit the needs of various consumer groups and that branding, marketing, and communication do not miss vital target groups or market segments. 

Whether you want to find entry points for attracting new talent or ensure that your advertising reaches the right target groups, HopeComms can be of service. 

Media | Film | Advertising
| Branding 

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it, as Warren Buffet put it. 

Today, inclusivity is a must-have in all sectors and industries - and as branding, media, advertising, and films, are visual and auditory mediums that express views in word choices and texts - it becomes extremely apparent whether they fail or succeed in DEIB. 


In addition, inclusive communications are good for everyone. It´s not merely about reaching different target audiences or groups, but also about increasing clarity and being heard and seen by more people.

For example, the software company SAP which has worked with Autism inclusion for a decade now found that their efforts to increase clear communication eventually benefitted the entire company, because as it turns out - everybody appreciates clear communication (shocker ;-)). 

News Cameras



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