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Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB

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The task was two-fold, with one goal being a kick-off of the Karolinska Institute Innovation Hub’s DEIB work, and another to invite the KII’s entrepreneurs, innovators, companies, and partners to learn more about how they can initiate or grow their own DEIB initiatives. 

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After planning meetings with KII to set the goals and content of the workshop, followed by a diligent review of both the work of KII, innovation hubs, and the Life Science sector in Sweden and globally, HopeComms put together tailor-made content for a workshop that would cover the two goals;

1.) Guiding the Karolinska Institute Innovation Hub’s team members on how their own DEIB journey and future initiatives could take form, and
2.) Guiding the invited branch organizations' entrepreneurs, innovators, researchersm and their companies (at different stages of growing their businesses) on how they can either initiate or grow their DEIB work.

This was a kick-off of a larger DEIB journey for KII and their collaborative partners within the Life Sciences that HopeComms and Inclusion Academy is looking forward to being a part of.


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