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Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Utrikesdepartementet (UD)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sweden

HopeComms has worked on several assignments in collaboration with the MFA of Sweden.

Examples include collaborations with MFA's sister agency Sida (The Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency) and Embassies abroad; i.e.:

- The PSEAH (Protection Against Sexual Exploitation Abuse & Harassment)-training used by both Sida and Swedish MFAs/missions and staff around the world

- The Swedish Embassy in Kinshasa (Women's Political Participation)
- The Swedish Consulate General in Istanbul, Turkey (Gender equality, masculinities, GBV (Gender-based violence, and fatherhood.)
- The Swedish Embassy in Liberia (S/GBV, Sexual- and Gender-based Violence)
- The Swedish Consulate General in Jerusalem (S/GBV, Human Rights and LGBTQIA+ rights.)

HopeComms has also worked with the Swedish MFA's sister agency, The Folke Bernadotte Academy, FBA. Projects include:
- DR Congo, Inclusive Peacebuilding (Le Programme pour la Consolidation de la Paix Inclusive, PCPI) in Kinshasa, North-Kivu (Goma) & South-Kivu (Bukavu) in Eastern Congo
- Palestine, ProWSA, The Program for Women's Strategic Advancement in Palestine. A mentorship and leadership program for women's advancement in leadership positions, inclusive peacebuilding, Women's Political Participation, and gender mainstreaming of institutions.

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