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The assignment was to hold an interactive webinar for all of Akavia’s members on the topic of DEIB, with room for a Q&A session at the end. The webinar was sent live from Akavia’s own studio with over 400 participating members. 

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After careful planning meetings as to the goals of the webinar session, HopeComms created content for the webinar that included recent international and Swedish research studies within 3 areas of DEIB: 1.) Recent studies on the benefits of DEIB, with a focus on what steps that are usually missed but are needed in order to reach actual and lasting 2.) Recent studies on Unconscious biases, with a focus on how to ensure that only the relevant data is left when making decisions, and 3.) Recent studies on discrimination based on ethnicity and race in the Swedish labor market, with practical steps to both measure and address such discrimination. 


Vera Rydberg, Akavia.png

Everything went great and Viktoria is a Pro!

She really knows her stuff and has an amazing background.

We got several "Thanks for a great lecture!" in the chat at the end. 


We're very happy!

Vera Rydberg, Marketing Officer Events and Networks, Akavia 


Thanks for submitting!

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