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Inclusion - the key to successful teams

I´m Viktoria Saxby, and my passion is to help companies and organizations succeed in inclusion work!
Inclusion is key to successful teams, organizations, and business value.  

After almost 30 years of experience working with inclusion in every sector imaginable—from the Armed Forces to the Police Authority, from tech and innovation hubs to globally listed companies— I´ve gotten good at helping my clients reach their goals. I´d also love to work with you and help you reach your goals!

Today, I work as a speaker, trainer, and advisor on inclusion, diversity, gender equality, social sustainability, development cooperation, and inclusive AI. I also have global experience from working in over 50 countries.

Book an informal meeting with me to discuss your inclusion goals—together, we can make them a reality.


Delphi Advokatfirma, Delphi Law Firm
Karolinska Institute's Innovation Hub
DNB, Den Norske Bank
Swedish Defence University, Försvarshögskolan
Nederman Group
Sida - Swedish Development Cooperation Agency
Sigma IT
Front Advokater, Front Law Firm
Viva Wine Group
UN Women
Swedish Institute, Svenska Institutet


Micael Bydén, ÖB, Supreme Commander-in-Chief
Dear Viktoria,

Thank you for the book The New Man: On Boys, Men, and the End of the Battle of the Sexes.
I have started reading it and look forward to reflecting on what you write.

What you touch upon is a highly relevant topic and will remain so in the future.

Micael Bydén, Commander-in-chief,
Swedish Armed Forces

Viktoria Saxby, Photo by Juliana Wolf Garcindo


I named my company HopeComms because I wanted to communicate and give people more hope. That´s what inclusion work is to me because it makes individuals, organizations, companies, societies, and countries thrive. Without exaggerating, it makes the whole world a better place because it simply makes us better - together.

Yet, succeeding in inclusion work can seem challenging—where should one start? I’m here to lighten the load on your shoulders.

After 30 years of experience in diversity, inclusion, gender equality, democracy, and social sustainability work - in 50+ countries and every sector imaginable - I know what concrete steps and practical tools actually work.


And since this work is both my profession and my life's mission - I want you to succeed as much as you do. This is why I always tailor each assignment to each client's specific industry, organization, challenges, needs, and goals. 

I, and my partners, will help you get from where you are to exactly where you want to be. And hey, let's make the journey enjoyable!

The best thing about inclusion work is that it´ll improve your company or organization from the inside out.

Externally, your market segment will grow as your products, services, and communication will appeal to, more people.

Internally, when everyone feels more included, your organization will become both more innovative and happier.  

Inclusion work benefits both the team and the core operations.

That means everyone really does win - including you.

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Why book Viktoria Saxby & HopeComms?

Why choose us?

What we promise

  1. Practical tools & concrete steps 

  2. Research-based knowledge

  3. Real-life cases & best practices

  4. Awareness of wins for all 

  5. Safe space

  6. Inspiration & engagement 

  7. Recognition, self-identification
    = i
    ncreased psychological safety

  8. Increased understanding others = team building

  9. Not just talk = real, systemic & lasting change

  10. Interactivity, quizzes & films = enjoyable process


  1. English

  2. Swedish

  3. Spanish

  4. French

Why Choose Us?
You Are Guaranteed
Call It a Plan
  1. Tailor-made training/consulting for YOUR organization, industry, needs & goals!

  2. Interactive training where we make sure we have fun & feel safe = learn better!

  3. Knowledgeable in both Swedish and International DEIB practices.


Viktoria Saxby, photo David Lagerlöf

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