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The assignment was to, in collaboration with the Diversity & Inclusion team and management, review the current DEIB work internally, as well as analyze the external communications to create tailor-made content for both the advertising and the films-department of B-Reel and B-Reel Films - of all offices; Stockholm, New York, and Los Angeles. 

Visit B -Reel's website 

Visit B -Reel Film's website 

After a thorough review of both the internal organizational structure and current DEIB work, as well as of B-reels internal and external communications and media content - a tailor-made workshop material was produced by HopeComms for each company, target group, and geographical area.
One workshop was then held for all team members, including management at the B-Reel and B-Reel Films office in Stockholm.


After this initial training, HopeComms was commissioned to travel to both New York and Los Angeles offices to hold DEIB training/workshops, including unconscious bias workshops, with a focus on creating a manageable and practical action plan for the offices' DEIB work moving forward.

B-Reel wrote the following article Creative Agencies can be catalysts for change if only they choose to be on the platform Medium in connection with our work together.

B Reel Says

Viktoria Saxby may be an unknown face to most, as she often stays behind the scenes. From working with the UN on gender equality issues in countries like DR Congo, Mali, and Ukraine to training the Swedish Armed Forces in diversity, gender equality, and leadership, she’s now set her eyes on a new mission: to make the creative industry a catalyst for change.

Recently, we had the pleasure of inviting her to B-Reels offices in Stockholm, NYC, and LA, to talk about the structures of inequality and how unconscious biases shape the way we act and the work we do - and what we can do about it.
Listening to and learning from Viktoria is a joy.

Tommy Lagestam, Global Communications Officer, B-Reel & B-Reel Films


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