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Malmö stad Grundskoleförvaltningen, The City of Malmö's Primary School Administration

Malmö Stad 
- Primary School Administration

HopeComms was hired by Malmö City Primary School Administration to give an inspirational lecture at the administration's Leadership Day - with 400 principals, vice principals, and managers participating.  

The lecture presented some of the main current challenges occurring both in Swedish society and in the surrounding world, that affect both our schools, our leaders, and our students.

The focus was on how we as leaders best can meet these challenges, listening to and validating our co-workers while inspiring action, hope for the future, and practical solutions and tools that can facilitate everyday life within the school environment.


The lecture also contained inspiration about the many positive trends and developments that are also taking place - among our young people, in school, in society, in Sweden, and in our global environment. Many of the positive trends we don't get to hear as much about - but they are there and can give us the hope for the future we so well need and need to share with those around us - both as leaders for our teams and our students and children within the Swedish school.

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Malmö City School Administration Says:

Caroline Westrell, Enhetschef HR Malmö Stads Grundskoleförvaltningen
Thank you for an inspiring and rewarding lecture today, many aha moments and much-needed hope for the future. It is clear that you are truly passionate about these issues. Thank you for giving me a push forward today.

Caroline Westrell, Head of HR
Malmö City's Primary School Administration

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