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Delphi Advokatfirma, Delphi Law Firm


HopeComms has conducted yearly training sessions and workshops in DEIB for all new staff members for all 5 offices of Delphi Law firm/Advokatfirma in Sweden. 

Implementation: Every year for the past 6 years,

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HopeComms holds yearly introductory training workshops for new staff members from all of Delphi’s offices in DEIB.

In addition, HopeComms has held training sessions on specific additional themes, including masculinity norms, sexual harassment and anti-discrimination, inclusive meetings, and unconscious bias training.

Delphi Advokatfirma has won the Swedish Branch organization’s gender equality prize Justitiapriset twice.

Delphi Law Firm Says:

Delphi Advokatfirma - Camilla Samuelsson. Head of HR

As an HR manager, I've worked with a wide variety of large companies that are pushing the D&I issue strongly - Viktoria's lecture and training on the topic are the best I have ever heard.

Camilla Samuelsson, Interim HR Manager,
Delphi Law Firm


Viktoria Saxby, Inclusion, Gender, Diversity Consultant

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