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DNB invited Hope Comms to hold an interactive lecture and workshop on DEIB with a focus on inclusive organizations.

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Hope Comms met with the HR and Diversity team to discuss and review what inclusion work the bank had already done, and what areas the training should focus on and prioritize. The goal was to engage all team members in actively taking part in inclusion work as well as to discuss the concept of allyship.


The lecture and workshop included all DNB Stockholm office team members and were interactive. Topics covered included the wins (benefits), the whats (knowledge), and most importantly, the hows (concrete steps) to successfully obtain and retain an inclusive organizational culture with high psychological safety, allyship, and employee engagement - ultimately benefitting the work environment and culture for all team members. 


Pernilla Alkell, Sales Advisor, DNB_edit

Hi Viktoria!

Many thanks to you for your lecture yesterday - it was so inspiring - and very thoughtworthy! 


Everyone I talked to after your session was so impressed and liked you and your way of talking about inclusion.


You are a great inspiration and I hope we get to meet you again!

Pernilla Alkell, Sales Advisor, Den Norske Bank
(The Norwegian Bank) Sweden


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