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Estrid, a successful Swedish start-up that sells award-winning razors for women, contacted HopeComms with the request of getting advice and coaching on how to build a strategic plan for the company’s gender and DEIB work, as well as to create tailor-made training materials for Estrid’s internal gender equality and DEIB work.

The goal was to ensure that all team members are well-informed on the close link between diversity and gender equality with the company’s product, core mission, and branding.

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HopeComms conducted research on the history connected to issues directly linked to Estrid’s products and brand - such as the pink tax and the history of grooming/hair removal and gender equality. With this research and history as the central focal point, HopeComms then developed tailor-made materials for Estrid’s internal training materials for their gender equality and DEIB work for all staff members. HopeComms also advised Estrid on its branding, including inclusive communications for its advertising and marketing campaigns.


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We are really happy with the project and have enjoyed working with you. We would love to work with you again so we will be in touch! 
Many thanks to you Viktoria!

 Ida Granberg, E-commerce Specialist and Customer Experience Associate, ESTRID


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