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Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GiZ) GmbH

HopeComms collaborated with GiZ in providing images and texts to the agency's information and educational materials on gender equality, social norms and positive masculinities, - issues that in turn are related to all other gender issues (i.e. Sexual and Reproductive Health, Sexual- and Gender-based Violence, Women's Economic Empowerment, Women's Political Participation, Gender, Peace & Security, Gender & Media, Gender & Climate, etc.)

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Our Clients Say

Richard Miles, GIZ_edited.jpg
We first came across Viktoria's exhibit on a global symposium on engaging men and boys for gender equality in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
As GIZ found the methodology of using storytelling, individual stories, and winning narratives to be highly productive in reaching out to and engaging men and boys, we asked to use Viktoria's work also in GIZ's information and educational material. 

By showing positive role models and narratives, and by highlighting the benefits for everyone of increased gender equality and less strict gender roles (many times harmful also to men and boys) - Viktoria's work manages to reach the target group in positive ways and be a catalyst for change. 

We are thrilled to have found this angle of working with gender equality and violence reduction and are happy to have collaborated with Viktoria and HopeComms. 

Richard Miles, Principal Adviser, GIZ 

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