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International Conference on Masculinities

HopeExhibits and HopeComms were invited by Micahel Kimmel, Ph.D. - the founder of the International Conference on Masculinities, a scholar, author, and well-known speaker on why gender equality is good for everyone - men included - to create a digital exhibit for the conference's inauguration in NYC. 

The conference had speakers such as feminist icons Gloria Steinhem, Jane Fonda, and Sheryl Sandberg, as well as representatives working with positive masculinities and engaging men and boys for gender equality from all over the world. 

Photos from the conference can be found here.

Visit their website 

Our Clients Say

International Conference on Masculinities - Michael Kimmel_edited_edited.jpg
I first became aware of Viktoria´s amazing work by watching a slide show she had put together to engage men in support of gender equality.

I was so impressed with its creativity, its flair and its technical competence that I asked to use it as the opening slide show for an International conference on masculinities held in New York City.

She combines technical acuity, political clarity and such a brilliant visual sense. I can´t wait to work with her again!
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