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Swedish Police Authority, Polismyndigheten

The Swedish Police Dept

Leadership Coach in the 2-year-long Gender Coach Program (GCP) - a leadership program for the highest leadership of the Swedish Police Department, including the Head of Sweden’s largest Police Region (Stockholm/Gotland region), and the Head of the Operative Unit (NOA). 

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Implementation: Training and advising the highest leadership in gender mainstreaming, with an intersectional approach (diversity & intersectional inclusion, all 7 discriminatory grounds) of the Swedish Police Department, both internally (organization), and externally (core operations). 3-year leadership support and one-on-one coaching.

Units trained also included:
The leadership team of the Stockholm/Gotland region
National Operative Leadership

Training 100+ Leaders and Managers in new units and regions
Inclusive Communications (Communication Dept)
Finance Dept (Gender budgeting). 

Prostitution Unit (fieldwork incl. leadership = increase resources more training/establish prostitution units throughout Sweden)
PSEAH (Protection against Sexual Exploitation, Abuse & Harassment) = new guidelines SGBV, incl. preventative work, i.e. festivals)
Domestic Violence/Gender-based Violence - Increased resources (80+ staff) and new ways of working,
 “Operation Gryning” unit (Linking leadership with women’s rights civil society organizations = iincrease resources and new ways of working against both domestic violence and SGBV. Resulting in more resources, and new measures/investigation methodologies.)

IPOC, The International Police Officer Course
Review and give recommendations for the Women, Peace & Security (UNSCR 1325) content of the IPOC-course, The International Police Officer Course, co-held by The Swedish Police Department’s International Unit, SwedInt and the Nordic Center for Gender in Military Operations at Livgardet. Participation and observation of the 3-week course. 1-week trainers only, 2 weeks including participants from Sweden, Finland, Sierra Leone, Jordan, and Zambia. 


Resulting in:
- Report with recommendations for improvements and updates
- Presentation and workshop for the Leadership team of the Swedish Police International Unit
- Presentation and training for IPOC facilitators and trainers

Jordan Police Department - Leadership of the Zaatari Refugee Camp
Task: Training the Jordan Police Department, both male and female branches, as well as the leadership from the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan in how to create a leadership program (Gender Coach program) to ensure gender mainstreaming and intersectional inclusion of all citizens, for the Jordanian Police Departments and the management of the Zaatari refugee camp.


Serbian Police Department - Gender Coach Leadership program
Task: Training the Serbian Ministry for Interior Affairs, in charge of the Serbian Police Department,in how to create a leadership program (Gender Coach program) to ensure gender mainstreaming and intersectional inclusion of all citizens. 
Also prepared the program content and conducted a Training of Trainers for the Coaches, as well as holding a lecture and a workshop at the first session of the 6-month Leadership program. Today, the Serbian police has increased its female staff and increased the number of actively operating female Police officers. 

Ulf Johansson, Polisregionschef

Participating in the Gender Coach program, a leadership program on gender mainstreaming, diversity, and inclusion - has given me the opportunity to become a better leader for all employees, and to ensure that our organization can better safeguard diverse groups and the safety of all citizens. The change needs to start with the top leadership. 

For example, in less than 5 years, my region went from 26% to 36% women in leadership positions. Having multiple perspectives has made us a stronger and better organization.

Ulf Johansson, Participant in the Gender Coach Program,
Police Region Chief, Swedish Police



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