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Serbian Ministry of Interior
Serbian Police Department

Serbian Ministry of Interior and Serbian Police Dept
Task: Assisting the Serbian Ministry of the Interior and the Serbian Police Dept to start up a 6-months long Gender Coach Program (GCP) for the highest leadership.

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Implementation included both writing the GCP manual for the program and training both Leaders and Coaches of the program in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Our Clients Say

Max Lutteman, Polisen_edited.jpg
Viktoria Saxby/HopeComms assisted the International Unit of the Swedish Police and the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia in starting up a Gender Coach Program for gender-responsive leadership (GRL) for the highest leadership of the Serbian Police Department.

Viktoria helped put together the curriculum and also held training sessions and workshops both for the Serbian Gender Coaches, and during the kick-off seminars with the Serbian Police leadership. 
We are very pleased to conclude that the Serbian Police Department Gender Coach Program proved successful and led to substantial improvements within the department, both in regard to the internal organization and the external core operations. 

Max Lutteman, Chief of Police,
International Unit of the Swedish Police Department

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