Welcome to HopeComms.
This is what we do:

  • Lectures & Trainings on Gender Equality and Masculinities (#MeToo - now what?)

    (Clients: Swedish Private companies - various industries, law firms, media, United Nations, Swedish Defence University, UN Watch, UK Aid, Robert Schuman Institute Budapest, Program for Young Politicians in Africa, Mali & more)

  • Gender Mainstreaming Consultancy & Diversity in Leadership 
    (Clients: Swedish Police Department, 
    Swedish Armed Forces, Folke Bernadotte Academy, Viking 18, SKL International/SALAR, Gender Coach Programmes, Ministry of the Interior of Serbia, Police Dept & UN Mission of Jordan & more)

  • Communications, Studies, Gender Analysis & CSR 
    (Clients: EU U-Lead Ukraine, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/UD, Swedish Institute/Si, UN Women, Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking, Plan International, International Day of the Girl Child, ICRW, GTZ, Swedish Embassy in DR Congo, Political Advisor Center Party, Editor in Chief Political Magazine, 400+ newspaper articles published)

  • Campaigns & Exhibits 
    (Clients: The World Bank, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNiTE, MenEngage, Men-Care, UK Aid, Save the Children, International Conference on Masculinities, Swedish International Development Agency/SIDA, Political Election Campaigns Sweden, European Parliament, European Development Days)


Examples of lectures & workshops:


1. Equal Opportunity & Leadership

- How to start a Gender Coach Program

- Unconscious biases are expensive

- Effective recruitment and management teams


2. Equal Opportunities & Work Environment - #BeyondMeToo

- What demands for change has #MeToo brought about?

- How to create an inclusive and safe workplace for everyone, increase well-being and productivity,
and reduce sick leave and staff turnover

- Get the tools that handle and prevent harassment 


3. Gender equality and branding

- Attract & retain the best talent

- Reach new customers, partners and markets

- Gender equality and diversity as CSR - communicate your brand

- How to use gender equality in your content – operations, services & products


4. Equality, Diversity & Profitability


- Practical tools that increase productivity and innovation

- Identify the specific profits for your core business (core operations)

- How to succeed in gender equal and diverse communications

Example of Change Mgmt project:

1. Workplace survey (anonymous): Where are we now? 
2. Analysis, with leadership 
3. Lecture, training or workshop with entire team

4. Workshop with leadership - setting goals and formulating a concrete action plan

(5. Assistance & guidance during gender mainstreaming implementation.
Follow up. Renewed goals & action plan.) 

Naturally, we custom-make all training specifically for your industry and target audience. We look forward to hearing from you

Why work with gender equality, gender mainstreaming, masculinities and diversity? 

Whether a multinational corporation, small company, tech start-up, innovation incubator, University, organization, municipality, or government - understanding gender & diversity will make you better at what you do.

Understanding the benefits of gender and diversity gives businesses a competitive edge, increases innovative and creative advantages, creates a better work environment where people thrive, makes companies more attractive to both employees and customers (including prevention of #MeToo/work environment problems) strengthens your brand, and increases productivity. And remember, gender equality & diversity are not zero-sum-games - they also increase profitability and economic growth

For nations, governments, government agencies and municipalities it will grow your GDP, help economic, social, environmental and peace developments, increase stability, improve public health and education sectors, and lower rates of violence and crime.
It will both save and make money, allowing for better services and lives for all citizens.  

What´s not to like? 
A more reasonable question would be, how could you afford NOT to work with these tools? 
We look forward to hearing from you.

Gender Coach Program 2015, with the Swedish Armed Forces, The Supreme Commander of Sweden, The Air Force, The Navy, The Defence Material Administration, The University of Defence, The Folke Bernadotte Academy, SwedInt, and the Swedish Police Department.
Gender Coach Program 2015, with the Swedish Armed Forces, The Supreme Commander of Sweden, The Air Force, The Navy, The Defence Material Administration, The University of Defence, The Folke Bernadotte Academy, SwedInt, and the Swedish Police Department.

By l
earning from good examples & best practices, 
we reach results faster & easier.


- You want more diversity in leadership positions in your company, but don´t know how to get there?  
We will show you how.

- You want to gender mainstream your organization, but don´t know how, or where to begin?
We understand. And we can help.

- You don´t know exactly what the term "masculinities" means, or how this knowledge can be used as crime and violence prevention? (Or promote UNSCR 1325, Women, Peace & Security, or work against extremism/terrorism.) 
We´d love to hold a workshop for you. 

- You want to create a national/global campaign to raise awareness/change norms,
but aren´t sure how to reach or communicate with the target audience?
We would love to show you how.


What we´ve done:

Communications, Studies & CSR

Study on Increasing Women´s Representation and Influence in Politics in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Commissioned by the Swedish Embassy in Kinshasa and the Swedish International Cooperation & Development Agency, SIDA. Aug-Nov 2017.

Authored 400+ published political articles as Political Advisor. Organized/speaker seminars, hearings, conferences & conventions. Authored resolutions, statements of opinions, campaigns, films & new political programs. 

Gender Analysis, Gender Training Manual &  Trainer of Trainers workship in Kiyv - in collaboration with SKL International for the EU-funded decentralization program U-LEAD: Ukraine - Local Empowerment, Accountability & Development Programme. 2017-.

Evaluated the UNSCR 1325, Women, Peace & Security course & training materials for The International Police Officer Course (IPOC), Swedish Police & SWEDINT (EU, OSCE & UN Pol Peacekeeping Course). Training for IPOC-instructors. Sweden, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Finland, Jordan. Apr-Sep 2017

Editor in Chief, at Hända, the political magazine, for the National & European Parliament Elections 2014.

Nominated for the Swedish Design Prize. 

Political Advisor in Gender Equality (6 years) for The Center Party of Sweden. Member of the International Committee. (2010-2017)

Några av de politiska rapporterna inkluderade 1. En moderniserad föräldraförsäkring 2. Jämställda pensioner 3. Klimat & jämställdhet.  

The "Influential Men" Exhibit as part of the UNFPA/The Secretary General Ban-ki Moon´s UNiTE Campaign - Unite to End Violence Against Women,  16 days of Activism, UN NYC.

Gender Analysis of the Kenya Council of Governors/SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) collaboration "SymbioCity Kenya" - sustainable regional & urban planning/development in Kenya. Training for the pilot project team from Kenya. (2017) 

Gender mainstreaming The Folke Bernadotte Academy/Viking 18, an international cooperative exercise with staff from the UN, EU, civilian authorities, police, military, humanitarian organizations. (Nov 17-Apr 18)

Creating Exhibits & Campaigns

Photographs and content for the global campaign, now active in 40+ countries on 5 continents. MenCare´s media campaigns inspire men, families and communities to support men´s caregiving. 


The World´s Most Influential Men by HopeExhibits showed in partnership with the UN, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNiTE, The World Bank, MenEngage, Men-Care, EU, SIDA, DFID/UK Aid, GTZ, ICRW, Save the Children, Plan Intl & more 

The World´s Most Influential Men, a cross-cultural exhibit on engaging men and boys for gender equality. 20 nations. 20 photographers. 5 continents.

Created a digital exhibit for the Opening Gala of the first International Conference on Masculinities, NYC 2015, in collaboration with Michael Kimmel, of Stony Brook Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities


Created a projected photography exhibit on technological advancements and innovations for the launch of Good News Magazine at Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm.

Created a traveling pop-up exhibit for Save the Children Sweden for the organization´s 90th anniversary.
The exhibition was presented in 37 cities across Sweden. 

Provided photographs and content for the ICRW report What men have to do with it. Policies from 7 countries on how to involve men in setting gender equality goals. 

Provided photographs for the ProMundo Global/Men-Care report State of the World´s Fathers 2015, providing a global overview of men´s parenting and caregiving. 

Lectures & Trainings Gender/Masculinities

Training on Gender Equality and the Swedish Gender Coach Program for the International Department of the Swedish Police, in collaboration with SIDA. Jordan Police, UN Mission & Zaatari Refugee Camp. Feb 2017. 

Evaluated the UNSCR 1325, Women, Peace & Security course for the International Police Officer Course (IPOC), Swedish Police, SWEDINT (EU, OSCE, UN Pol Peace-keeping Course). Training of instructors. Sierra Leone, Zambia, Finland, Jordan. Apr-Sep 2017.

Gender Coach/Leadership training for the Police Chiefs of the Swedish Police Dept + lectures & workshop for regional Police Chiefs Chefsforum, Polismyndigheten, Regionpolisområde Stockholm, 2016


Gender Coach, gender mainstreaming program for Heads of the Swedish Armed Forces, incl. lecturing on Masculinities to the 13 Heads of the Swedish Armed Forces, including the Supreme Commander. Gender Coach program, 2016.

Workshop on leadership, gender equality, masculinities and political lobbying in Mali, Program for Young Politicians Africa 2015. Participants from Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin & Niger. (Workshop held in French.)

Lectures and training on masculinities, gender equality, UNSCR 1325 and leadership for the Military Program Management Team as well as for the Board for Research and Education of the Swedish Defence University 2016. 

Capacity building in political settings.
Theme: How to organize political women´s associations in decentralised settings. Delegation of female politicians from Burma/Myanmar.

Diversity, gender equality & leadership trainings for companies in the private sector. Here, law firm AG Advokat, Stockholm, Sweden.  

It always seems impossible - until it´s done.
/ Nelson Mandela