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Swedish Defence University

Training for all professors and staff members of 3 out of 4 institutions at The Swedish Defence University, plus the Research & Development leadership team.

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Training sessions and workshops included the following themes: inclusive peacebuilding, UNSCR 1325/Gender, peace & security (internationally, nationally, and internal organization), PSEAH (Protection against Sexual Abuse and Harassment), DEIB, equal opportunities, unconscious biases, positive masculinities, and gender & development.

Swedish Defence University Says

Viktoria has trained all staff and professors in 3 out of 4 institutions, as well as the Board of R&D, here at The Swedish Defence University. 
The lectures on masculinities and gender, peace & security engaged both men and women and served as an alternative and highly efficient gateway to more in-depth and constructive discussions on gender mainstreaming and inclusion.

Martin Norsell, Pro-Vice-Chancellor at The Swedish Defence University and Professor in Military Technology


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