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HopeComms has a long history of collaboration with UN Women, for both HQ in the US and with various country offices.
Viktoria Saxby has also been a boar
d member of UN Women in Sweden.


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A selection of assignments: 

#1: Global Exhibit on Engaging Men & Boys for Gender Equality: 
The World’s Most Influential Men - on Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Equality and the global campaign, currently in 50+ countries.

HopeComms and HopeExhibits created global exhibits and campaigns highlighting positive stories of men and boys engaging in gender equality as positive role models from 39 countries and 5 continents.
The exhibit was shown at various UN agencies’ HQ in New York City, including UN Women, UNFPA, UNDP, UNICEF, and UNiTE (to End Violence Against Women). As well as The World Bank in Washington DC, the EU in Brussels, GTZ in Germany, UK Aid/DFID in London, Sida in Stockholm, the International Conference on Masculinities in NYC, the Global MenEngage Symposium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and more.

HopeComms' exhibit later turned into the global campaign, in collaboration with Men-Care. org and Promundo, today Equimundo. The campaign is today active in over 50 countries worldwide.

Studies on Women's Political Participation in DRC, incl. Road Maps & 5-year Strategic Action Plan 
HopeComms was contracted to conduct research studies for Strategic Entry Points for Women’s Political Participation and Influence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The first study was a national study conducted prior to the 2019 election, and the second study included an analysis of the election of Dec 2019 (the first election in DRC in 15 years), while also including regional and local analysis and recommendations.

After an extensive desktop review and mapping of organizations working with Women’s Political Participation (WPP), HopeComms, partner Malena Ndonou, and UN Women DRC staff traveled to and conducted interviews and focus groups with organizations and individuals in 4 different regions in DRC, for an up-to-date analysis post-election. The updated study included a thorough analysis, a mapping of possible stakeholders and partners, and a 5-year strategic action plan with detailed short-term, medium-term, and long-term recommendations. 

Video clip (in French) from the launch of the report and action plan to increase women's political participation in the DRC - from a Congolese TV news channel, with the DRC Minister for Gender Equality, the Executive Director of ONU Femmes RDC (UNW DRC), and
the Swedish Ambassador (2021.)

#3 Programme Champion du Genre - a leadership program for Women's Political Participation in DRC
HopeComms started up a Gender Champion Program (GCP), a leadership program for high politicians in DRC, for the 20 largest political parties at the National level. 
The task began with creating a strategic plan for starting up a Gender Champion Leadership program, Programme Champion du Genre. 
HopeComms also developed the tailor-made curriculum, including all content of all training and coaching sessions for the 2-year-long leadership program. This work included writing a detailed Facilitator’s Guide, methodological guides, and training materials for a Training of Trainers for DRC's most well-respected Gender experts.
A step in the implementation of the program included traveling to Kinshasa to lead the Training of Trainers (ToT) of 20 gender experts (high leaders and politicians themselves), as well as visiting the offices of the 20 largest political parties in Kinshasa to enlist candidates from the highest leadership, in collaboration with DRC-expert Susanne Alldén and UNW DRC.
Another step included coaching the co-facilitators of various training sessions, including HopeComms leading multiple training sessions.
Yet another step included a Televised speech on Congolese news channels informing about the Study on Women’s Political Participation together with the Minster of Gender Equality for DRC, the Swedish Ambassador and the Head of UN Women for DRC and Sub-Saharan Africa.

#4: Board Member UN Women Sweden.
Viktoria Saxby has also been a board member of UN Women Sweden.

UN Women Says:

Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 13.13_edited.jpg

To Madame Viktoria Saxby,

With my compliments and sincere thanks for your commitment, engagement, and participation in the advancement of women and women's political participation in the DR Congo.

National Minister, Madame Marie-Ange Lukiana Mufwankolo, National Assembly, Democratic Republic of Congo


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