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VIVA Wine Group

A 1-year long consultancy assisting the management in setting up Viva Group's DEIB work.

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  • Creating and implementing surveys to measure DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging) over time, with baseline (pre-trainings), 1-month (post-trainings), 6-month and 12-month surveys

  • 3-part training on DEIB for all staff members (Why, What, How)

  • Leadership team workshop, Strategic planning (Vision, Mission, Short, Medium, and Long-term goals, Budgets, Action Plans, Communications.) 

  • Reviewing and advising of external & internal comms

  • Creating Gender equality and D&I policies, anti-discrimination policy, PSEAH policy, and guidelines/routines (Protection against Sexual Exploitation Abuse, and Harassment)

  • Individual Leadership Coaching for all managers (of all companies) (12 persons), and more.

Viva Wine Group Say


Viktoria opened our eyes and initiated a change process that has meant that we today have a structured method for our gender equality and diversity work that we are very proud of. In addition,

In addition, Viktoria is still the absolute best lecturer we've had with us.

Emil Sallnäs, CEO Viva Wine Group


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