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International Center for Research on Women

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HopeComms collaborated with ICRW, the International Center for Research on Women in Washington DC, in providing images and texts to the agency's information and educational materials on gender equality, social norms, and positive masculinities, - issues that in turn are related to all other gender issues (i.e. Sexual and Reproductive Health, Sexual- and Gender-based Violence, Women's Economic Empowerment, Women's Political Participation, Gender, Peace & Security, Gender & Media, Gender & Climate, etc.)

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Our Clients Say

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ICRW is a research center working to advance the rights of women and girls worldwide.
We find the methodology of using storytelling, individual stories, and winning narratives to be an efficient way to reach out to and engage men and boys in striving for a gender-equal society. So we asked to use some of Viktoria's and HopeComms' work from the exhibit The World's Most Influential Men in some of ICRW's information and educational material.
By showing positive role models and narratives, and by highlighting the win/win for everyone of gender equality, Viktoria's work reaches men in positive ways and is a catalyst for transformative social change. 

Margaret E. Greene, former Director of Social Transitions, ICRW (Currently Executive Director of 

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